When Your Kid Walks To The Front

On Easter Sunday, I watched with the rest of our church family as dozens of kids made their way down to the front of the worship center, to kneel at our make-shift altar, and trade in their “old rags” for new ones.

“Watched” is a strong word actually.

I could barely see through the flood of tears gushing out of my eyeballs.

A traditional “altar call” is actually pretty atypical of our church culture, but earlier in the week our senior pastor, Pete, felt pretty compelled by the Spirit to include one this year.

By the end of the service, we all knew precisely why.

Every kid responded differently.

Some of them walked hand-in-hand with their parents.

Some of them in their poofy, pastel-pink Easter dresses confidently marched straight up to Pete all by themselves.

Some kneeled down, clasped their chubby hands together and prayed the sweetest prayer on their own – bunny-ears perched atop their heads, of course.

I will never get tired of seeing people respond to the gospel of Grace. What a beautiful sight it was. If your child has “walked to the front”, I rejoice with you. If your child was anything like mine and bemoaning the fact that she had to sit in big church, I still rejoice with you. I’m ecstatic that my daughter was exposed to such a beautiful demonstration of the Gospel and, whether it was obvious or not, I know God planted a seed.

I love what our Family Pastor, Steve Frissell, writes in one of our church resources, where he reminds parents that introducing our child to Jesus isn’t just one conversation that ends once they pray for salvation.

He writes about how parenting is a life long opportunity to amaze our kids with the love and grace of Jesus. If they now have Christ in them, continue to show them who Jesus is and what they have in Him by your example. If they have yet to make a decision, pray for them to see their need for a Savior. Don’t forget to pray for your own heart as well. In our times of prayer, we can experience Jesus softening our heart in surrender and leading us to trust Him with our kids, which is not easy.

To read Steve’s resource, “Introducing Your Kid To Jesus”, click here. 

To watch Pete’s dramatization of Water Wangerin’s The Ragman and sermon from Easter 2017, click here. 

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